OneView Report

Updates and key information for go-live week

It’s been an amazing week and everyone is doing a great job getting more comfortable using OneView each day. Everyone’s hard work preparing for the go-live has paid off resulting in a smooth process getting up to speed on OneView.

Keep up the great work!

OneView Superstars

»» Nekia Stanely, Care Management, has gone above and beyond this week and in preparation for go-live. She has a calming presence for the team, remaining positive and reassuring. Nekia was key in developing solutions regarding admission orders, helpful with physicians and across departments.

»» Terry Rafferty, Information Services, was extremely helpful during cutover weekend to ensure all interfaces were up and functioning. He really stepped it up and took the lead resolving a vendor issue on Monday to get the Cath Lab operational for patients.

OneView Super Star award recipients can contact Colleen McWhirt to pick up their prizes.

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

Our directors are hard at work and so in-sync with OneView that they are dressing alike –– hey, what can we say, great minds think alike!

The Cardio team and yellow vest crew members are all thumbs up. Great Teamwork!

Riverview Health Physicians are rockin’ the house and making epic strides on OneView. Thanks for all you do to take care of our patients!

Team Spirit


Reported issues are addressed in the order of severity. There are currently 67 active Command Center tickets being addressed and 317 resolved. While all reported issues are being actively addressed, the following have been identified as the highest priorities:


No new major issues.


Document Scanning:

»» Actual Scanning: Slow or delayed document scanning issue. Fixes have been applied. While the original issue was fixed, another scanning issue has been identified in the field. Issue will be kept open for additional troubleshooting until fully resolved.

»» Rendering Image: Bringing up a scanned image at an acceptable speed was thought to be fixed with a recent change. Reports received that it’s still slower than expected, so it will be kept open for additional troubleshooting.

Credit card swipes (Trust Commerce): Fix was applied and ticket moved to resolved yesterday.

Unfortunately, reports have been received that some devices are still erroring out in some cases. Issue moved to “ongoing” for continued monitoring and troubleshooting until full resolution. Please continue to use the work-a-round solution provided.

Patient Arm Bands: Multiple arm bands on patients with multiple procedures. A more efficient process is being developed to reduce the number of patient arm bands worn. Lean process will be reviewed as part of the new process development.


ROI Packet (referral): Reports from practices that ROI sheets printed with Mercy logo and wrong department. Fix completed and now printing with Riverview Health logo and correct department. Radiant OB Charge issue with charges not dropping has been corrected.

Important Information

All Revenue Post Live Work Queue (WQ) Sessions

Location: RVH Professional Building, RPB 022 – Computer Training Room

When: Tuesday, May 16 & Thursday, May 18

These sessions are designed to help end-users work through edits in the production environment.

There is no need to schedule a time for help but end-users should plan on spending 20-45 minutes.

The specific amount of time depends on the WQ volume or type of errors/issues within the WQ. The goal is to increase end-user knowledge on the proper resolution of errors/issues to minimize/eliminate post go-live backlog.

A special shout out to our Riverview Health Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Super Users for providing excellent support this week – Awesome Job!