Application: Orders

Communities: All Beaker Sites

Target Audience: Inpatient Clinician

This workflow should only be used for orders going to Beaker Labs for resulting. Before you start: Open Manage Orders

1.If you have placed an order for a BMP test and then decide to order an Amylase test, the system will automatically look at the specimens in the lab to see if the Amylase test can be added to a specimen.

2.The Amylase test Summary Sentence shows “Use existing specimen” is available for this test. When you sign the order, a message will be sent to the Lab In Basket notifying the technicians to take action on the order.

3.If you want a new specimen to be drawn or collected, you can open the Order Composer by clicking on the Summary Sentence.

4.Click on the “New Collection” button.

5.Click Accept.

6.Sign the order and a new specimen will be drawn or collected.