Updates and key information for go-live week

The OneView Hospitality Suite was the place to be on May 9 to celebrate our OneView success, while enjoying special treats of ice cream and cookies. It was a well-deserved break for everyone’s hard work. Food and Nutrition did a great job supplying a wide variety of ice cream treats that were a huge crowd pleaser.

OneView Super Stars

Janet Durr and Liz Swindlehurst, Noblesville Family Medicine, have gone above and beyond. They filled multiple roles as Abstractors and Super Users. They provided the NFM staff with extra hours of guided play time by coming in early, working late and working on Saturdays to allow others to become as familiar with the system, as they could. Janet and Liz have done an amazing job in preparing the clinical staff for OneView!


Reported issues are addressed in the order of severity. While all reported issues are being actively addressed, the following have been identified as the highest priorities:

No new major issues identified. A few past issues are still in the process of being fixed and will remain open until full resolution achieved. (See below for issue status updates).

Document Scanning: Fix applied and numerous reports have been received of significant improvement. Further confirmation needed. Issue will remain open until we have confirmation of full resolution.

Credit card swipes (Trust Commerce): Fix applied and credit card swipes are working. However, intermittent issues have been reported in some locations. A work-a-round is in place. Further investigation continues.

Bio-met implants: Report received that circulators are unable to scan biomet implants. Team continues to add to the Materials Management system. Issue will remain open until complete.


Epic image hyperlink for MUSE EKGs: The link is now working and results are posting.

Important Information

Patient transfers or ED admit to floor; do not admit to until the patient is physically on the floor. Patients in Rehab and TCU that are to be admitted to another nursing unit is a Discharge and a New Admit. Complete discharge process and D/C medication reconciliation.

Surgical patient returning to floors; please review MAR to ensure surgical medication documentation completed, overrides linked, etc.

When ED is writing orders for inpatients they need to either use Order Set or Facility Preference List.

Consult workflow: Need order to help communicate workflow (see below for possibilities).

  • Post cutover clean-up for unit secretaries
  • Physician workflow to link consult order to note and add assign to treatment team.
  • Unit secretary workflow for managing system list.

Nursing staff has the ability to monitor consult orders and determine if a physician to physician consult order was placed without the ordering provider entering into the “TO” field. Then, they can contact the ordering provider and ask him/her what group the order was supposed to go to. A nurse can modify the order, so the patient will show up on that groups provider system list. See latest tip sheet regarding inpatient consult order monitoring for more details.