If two users happen to logon to Citrix Receiver using the same username, the second user will hijack the first user's Citrix session. This begins a tug of war among users on different machines. This happens in departments that share a single generic user account to logon to multiple computers. There are a few remedies.

Unique Generic Accounts (aka Kiosk Mode)

The Information Systems department may come in and reconfigure all computers to automatically logon using a unique user account specific to each individual computer. These accounts will have a "gen" prefix (for generic) followed by the name of the computer. They also have a very long randomized password. The benefit is that each shared computer is automatically logged onto Windows and Citrix using a unique account.

Switch to user name and password

The second option is to launch Citrix StoreFront in a browser, visit https://riverviewconnect.mercytechnology.net/, then select "Switch to user name and password" below the large Log On button.

You will then have the opportunity to enter your own SAM username into Citrix StoreFront instead of passing the generic username that you used to logon to Windows.