Congratulations to the entire organization on completing our “Epic” journey to OneView! We are off to a  great start.

OneView Super Stars

During go-live, team members that go above and beyond will be selected by the Management Team.

Winners will be highlighted in OneView Reports during go-live. The winners will receive a Riverview Health  mug, OneView commemorative pen and a gift card to the Riverview Bistro. The commemorative pen is  actually a pen and stylus to symbolize our journey from writing on paper charts to using a stylus for electronic  documentation. Congratulations to our OneView Super Star award recipients listed below. Winners can  contact Colleen McWhirt to pick up prizes.

  • Dr. Sam Heiser closed all of his charts on the same day. He worked diligently to ensure his first day on  OneView was a success.
  • Ann Dutkiewicz, Inpatient Therapy, has gone the extra mile as a super user and communicated great  workflow questions to her team to prepare for the go-live. She has acted as a coach and displayed a  positive and upbeat attitude helping motivate the team.
  • Jace Manion and Kevin Mintus, Information Services, were both recognized by Noblesville Family  Medicine, Noblesville Pediatrics and Noblesville Family Care for providing awesome customer service.

Both have been available for answering questions, helping with adjustments, while keeping a positive  and calm attitude.

Team Spirit

The Physician Billing (PB) Team showed their OneView Team spirit with these cool “Team PB is  Epic” t-shirts.


Reported issues are addressed in the order of severity. While all reported issues are being actively  addressed, the following have been identified as the highest priorities:  

Document Scanning: Multiple reports that ambulatory clinics are having issues with document  scanning being slow or delayed. The Mercy Team has multiple fix ideas and are actively investigating and  planning the steps needed for resolution.

Epic image hyperlink for MUSE EKGs: Reports received that the image hyperlink is not working. The orders and interface team are engaged.

Bio-met implants: Report received that circulators are unable to scan biomet implants. Team is working  to add to the Materials Management system and identify any other necessary items for resolution.

Credit card swipes (Trust Commerce): The PB team is engaged. A temporary fix was put in place  but the ticket remains open for further troubleshooting for permanent fix.

Important Information

Transcription Information: Please be aware that transcription dates of service 5/7 or later, the  providers should follow the posted instructions in the dictation areas on the units.

Maternity Center Postpartum: When patients are transitioned to the postpartum bed after delivery,  please update the Blood Specimen Collection Method flowsheet row (located on the Adult Simple  or Complex WDL) to “Lab Collect” to notify that the Lab to collect the blood specimens.

Sign-in and MyList: If you want to see the patients that have signed in to the treatment team on their  MyList, you can draft the .Provider System List “My Patients” to their MyList.

Verbal Orders routed incorrectly to Physician: Providers requested that nursing staff make sure  they’re entering verbal orders with the readback to route them to the correct ordering physicians.

Keep up the awesome work and remember to keep calm. As with any major system implementation, not  everything will go as planned and hiccups will occur. It’s normal and things will get worked out. Don’t  worry, we have a team of great Riverview Health team members joined with Epic/Mercy consultants to  help answer questions, provide assistance and get you through it. If you need help, don’t hesitate to  ask someone in a yellow vest or your areas super user for at-the-elbow support. If they are not available,  contact the OneView Command Center hotline at x5HELP or 317.776.7456, option 2.