When scanning you encounter, save to file, you need to perform an Epic scanner configuration on your Ambir card scanner.

Click Cancel on the following window:

Next cancel the window for the document scan in the upper left hand part of the monitor.

Attempt to scan again and you will see the save to file box again.  Click Cancel.

This time you can get to the scan menu on the ApplicationXtender page.  Select configuration and then select scanner.

If “Select Scanner” is grayed out, the driver is likely missing. Please contact the help desk with the name of the PC and ask to have the driver re-pushed.

Once the driver has been repushed, click Scan, click Configuration, click Select Scanner (as shown above)

Select scanner box appears, you will select the TWAIN DS687 driver, which is typically at the bottom of the list.

Once scanner is selected, close or cancel all open scan boxes, and attempt scan again.  You should have a successful scan.