OneView is our new centrally integrated view into patient health records. A single system for clinical and financial information. You may access it internally or externally. This article covers the many ways to access OneView, the audience designed to use that interface, and why one would chose one vs the other.

Production (normal access)

Under normal conditions, here are the different OneView interfaces and how to access them for different types of users.

OneView for internal employees during Production (primary)

The primary way employees should access OneView while at work is via the Citrix Receiver application. You will most likely find a link to it on our desktop or within RV Apps.

Desktop Shortcut

RV Apps Shortcut

OneView for internal employees during Production (browser alternative)

Employees may also access OneView while at work is via a web browser. You will most likely find a link to it on our desktop or within RV Apps.


OneView for external employees during Production

To access OneView from home or any other external location, users must first logon remotely to a VMware Horizon virtual desktop. Once they are in a virtual desktop, they will access OneView via the same methods described above. Please see How to logon to OneView externally.

OneView for external providers during Production (called EpicCare Link)

EpicCare Link is a web-based service developed to provide physicians who refer patients to Riverview facilities secure access to information about their patients’ treatment.


OneView for external customers during Production (called MyChart)

MyChart is a patient portal. It is a website that helps patients organize their health information. It's a portal to all of their online charts, allowing them access without entering their username and password for each chart.


Downtime (limited access)

There will be both planned and unplanned downtime. Depending on the nature of the disruption, secondary and tertiary interfaces to OneView resource may be available. 

OneView for internal employees during minor Downtime (Business Continuity Web Access)

If neither the Citrix Receiver nor are available, internal users may open any web browser to use Business Continuity Web Access (BCWA) -- a web-based interface to OneView's Epic.


OneView for internal employees during major Downtime (Business Continuity Access)

If Business Continuity Web Access (BCWA) is also unavailable, a few users in each department may use dedicated Business Continuity Access (BCA) computers. With one stationed in each department, the BCA computers have a red background with BCA in the bottom right-hand corner. The BCA computers have a recent read-only copy of patient information and a locally attached printer that may be used to print reports.