OneView is our new centrally integrated view into patient health records. A single system for clinical and financial information. You may access it internally or externally. This article covers how to optionally access OneView internally via a web browser. The recommended way is via Citrix Receiver.

Web Browser (an alternative to Citrix Receiver)

The recommended way to access OneView (Epic Hyperspace) is via the Citrix Receiver application. You may optionally access OneView (Epic Hyperspace) via a variety of web browsers from an internal computer.


Browsers that support single-sign-on

Most browsers support a SSO feature that will automatically pass your Windows credentials into Mercy's Citrix StoreFront, saving you the steps of entering a username and password. Just click on the blue Log On button.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Browsers that do not support single-sign-on

Mozilla Firefox does not support SSO. You will be required to type in your Microsoft Active Directory username (SAM) and password.

Browser Shortcuts

Most web browsers on most computers have been configured to automatically launch two tabs when the browser is first launched. 

You will also find shortcuts to these two links within RV Apps.