Most of Riverview's systems authenticate to Active Directory using either the Security Account Manager (SAM) or User Principal Name (UPN) username format. All users have both username formats. Some applications accept only the SAM, others the UPN, and a few accept either.

Microsoft Active Directory

All employees will have their own, named, Microsoft Active Directory account that may be used to logon to Windows and many of our applications (credentials were provided during new employee orientation). Some of our applications, however, are not compatible with Active Directory and require a separate set of credentials.

Credentials (SAM username)

AD provides two types of usernames (passwords are the same). Most systems prefer the SAM format.

Common (Security Account Manager)

  • u: RIVERVIEW\username
  • example: RIVERVIEW\lastf

Credentials (UPN username)

Some systems prefer the UPN username, which will be the same as your email address.

Less Common (User Principal Name)

  • u:
  • example: