These tools are more for system administrators than for end users. Should you receive a link from IT to one of these services, it would be safe to click on it.


If you send the username via email; use IM or SMS to send the password.

  • Don't send username and password via the same medium
  • The second medium should just be a password (no username)
  • Most mediums are unencrypted, like a postcard, which is why you use two or

Securely send an encrypted password.

  • Safer than sending an unencrypted password via email or instant message
  • Link to password expires
  • Link to password can be viewed only a few times

LastPass Premium

Lets premium users securely share passwords.

  • Must be a premium ($12/month) user
  • Can share access to a site without revealing the password
  • Best suited for friends and family